Welcome to our informative website which focuses on the subject of BMX riders and the building of ramps for this sporting activity. In recent years, a fun subculture and large community have risen around these bikes. BMX racing is finally being recognised for the legitimate sport that it is. Anyone who is interested in the world of BMX will undoubtedly find this site full of useful content. You certainly do not need to have any particular or extensive knowledge of this theme. We have strived to make the text as simple to read, and jargon-free. This should give the various sections as broad an appeal as possible.

In one of our articles, we list some of the most popular tricks and turns that all BMX users should know. These include such classics as the bunny hop, foot plant and fakie. These are standard moves that professional riders know. Once the reader has perfected these, they can impress the public with their skills.

Another of our articles gives information on the BMX racing scene. This is written specifically for people who are just beginning their journey to becoming a professional. This section has some beneficial information that can help bike enthusiasts to hit the big time.

We discuss how riders can protect themselves. This includes wearing specialised gear. This article also explains why it is essential for BMX riders to do warm up workouts before races. Additionally, we discuss the benefits of getting a mentor to introduce newcomers to the racing world.

We also have a section of our site that gives several tips for finding the best builders of BMX ramps. It can often be hard to choose a reliable person in this line of work. We talk about why it is imperative to do a certain level of research before hiring someone for this task. There is also an explanation of the various questions that should be asked. People who wish to have their own ramp built should know precisely what they want. The article states why this is a crucial thing to do.

Getting a sponsorship deal can help a BMX racer for several reasons. It can aid in their racing budget, and help them to gain a higher level of fame. Since most professionals in the sport have their own sponsor, we have dedicated an entire article to this topic.

We give the reader key information on coming up with the right proposal to present to potential sponsorship groups. We even talk about the types of sponsors that are worth reaching out to. Eventually, a professional racer will amass a level of fame. This article discusses how fan demographics can affect the types of sponsors that the rider may have.