More countries are embracing BMX racing as part of sporting activities they engage in to draw crowds. In Australia, major cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane often have interesting activities lined up during the year to thrill those who enjoy the boost of adrenaline that comes from watching BMX races.

One of the biggest challenge sports enthusiasts have been facing lately is getting sponsorship for BMX events. Even though the sport has been gaining popularity over the years, event organizers are still struggling with ways in which they can attract sponsorship. Below are tips for you on getting sponsorship for your BMX event:

Come up with a unique and different proposal

When you are conceptualising the proposal, think of the BMX event as a product that you want to sell. Ask yourself why a sponsor should consider putting their time and money on your BMX event. Basically, what you need to answer is: “What makes the event I am organizing special?” You should also identify what you are offering the company that you want to partner with. What value will you be giving them? Make sure your proposal clearly indicates the mutual relationship you hope to have.

Know what potential sponsors are looking for

Before you write your proposal or reach out to potential people who can sponsor your BMX event, do some basic research and find our what the companies you plan to involve are looking for. If you are looking into getting sponsorship with a new company in the market, then chances are that they are looking for publicity and brand exposure. Write them a note to let them know how much you are willing to do with them if they sponsor your event. If your activities will allow for some gambling, approach an Australian Provider who runs a betting company and ask if they can sponsor you.

Reach out to the right person

One mistake event organisers make is to assume that when they are pitching for sponsorship, they have to talk directly to the manager or director. Sometimes, the best person to talk to is their communication person or public relations officer. They may not have the money to give you, but they have some control over activities they are getting involved with.

Know your audience/fans

A great selling point to the sponsors is always to let them know how many people will benefit from their sponsorship. They also need to know the estimated number of people who will be attending your event, and their demographics, Try and do surveys that will help you identify and increase your audience. You should also work on strengthening your social media platforms so that you can have a huge following.

Narrow down your potential sponsors

While you should never leave out companies just because their business mandate is not aligned to yours, you should also learn not to spread too wide when looking for sponsorship. If you are doing a BMX event, it makes sense for you to reach out to companies that sell related items.

Build and protect a reputation/brand

Most companies will do a background check on you before they can offer their sponsorship to your event. This means that you have to prove that you are worthy of their time. If you or the bikers you work with are always engaged in controversial activities, then chances are that nobody will want to work with you.

Have rich details

If you are planning an event, you should ensure that all the relevant details are included in the story. Tell the potential client what the event is about, who will be attending, who else has sponsored you before, why you decided to reach out, and how you will all benefit. Your proposal should also have contact details for when they want to contact you.

You should also be organised both before and after the event. Potential sponsors have had to pull out when certain events organisers failed to deliver. Think of future collaborations and give it your best.