One of the reasons people enjoy BMX racing is the tricks and turns that can be done on a ramp. Watching people do it can seem complex, or even dangerous, but once you master the art, you will realize that it was not as complicated as you imagined.

Before you start practising, you should work towards physical fitness so that your body does not go into shock when you attempt to do the tricks. You should consider doing

exercises for flexibility before you go on a riding spree.

Some of the tricks you that BMX riders enjoy include:

The bunny hop

In this trick, you will basically be jumping onto or over a ramp. To do this, you will coil while pulling the handlebars towards your chest. When the front wheel is off the ground, you should push the handlebars forward and pull up your knees so that the back wheels are close to your buttocks.

The double peg grind

This is considered one of the easiest grinds to land. To do this, you will be jumping over a ledge or rail and then land on pegs that are attached to the rear and front axles of the bike. The forward momentum will get you sliding on the rail.

The Jay-hop

This can easily be executed by amateurs. To do this, you will need to pull up on your bike and then lean back. When the front tyre has gotten to the height you think you can manage, push forward so that your back tyre can go up. When both tyres are up in the air, you pull the bike towards you so that you can reach the full height.

The tyre stall

This trick is best done in a park. To do this, you should ride straight till you reach the transition. From there, you jay-hop and turn your bicycle to a 90 degree angle to face wherever you want it to go. When the tires get to the top of transition, hold the bike into place and do a 900 degrees hop back in.

The foot plant

This is considered by many riders as one of the most interesting maneuver to master. To do this, you will go up on a jump or incline then use one of your foot to pivot to a 180 degrees angle. This will enable you to go down the ramp. Basically, the foot plant can be summarized a bunny hop on a ramp where you use your foot to get some extra support.

The fakie

The fakie involves you riding your bike in reverse. You whip your front wheel at a very fast speed, and then start riding forward. It is one of the most common tricks used by professional riders.

If you are just starting out riding, you should know that there are many tricks in riding your BMX and it takes patience and practise to master them all. Always remember that even as you seek the thrill, your safety comes first. Wear protective attire at all times when attempting a trick.